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Fat Dissolving Injections

Aqualyx is a fat-dissolving treatment, it is a compound that is injected into the area to
be treated, this then attaches itself to the fat cells and dissolves them. The fat is then
naturally expelled from the body over the coming weeks (Urine and sweat).

Aqualyx simply builds upon natural processes in the body, using a synthetic version of
an acid that occurs naturally in the body and already has the role of destroying fat.
Aqualyx treatments therefore use the body’s own method of removing fat, only they
target this into specific areas to address what may be a cosmetic concern, for instance
a double chin or abdominal area that has visible fat build-up.

We are all prone to developing hard-to-shift stubborn pockets of fat and these often
remain no matter how good our diet or how much we exercise. The body actually
deliberately hangs on to them as energy stores, however we, as the owner of that
body, would rather Mother Nature didn’t act in this way.

Aqualyx will stimulate fat reduction in these stubborn areas, killing off fat in a highly
targeted way.

Not everyone is suitable for Fat dissolving injections, therefore a detailed consultation
is required beforehand. At Cherie Amour we use Aqualax and Lipo Lab.
It is not a treatment for general weight loss or obesity, the people who opt for this
treatment are healthy but have stubborn pockets of fat they want gone.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of areas which fat dissolving can treat:

• Chin
• Thighs
• Arms
• Stomach
• Buttocks
• Flanks
• Side
• Back

A course of 2-6 treatments may be recommended depending on areas to be treated.
These sessions should be given around 4 weeks apart. Fat loss results take approximately
3 – 6 weeks to show, however, the treated area will continue to improve over the coming
weeks and months. There is no downtime as such; clients can go back to doing their normal
routine straight after treatment. However, it is recommended that an elastic compression
garment is worn post treatment for several days to get the best results and reduce swelling.

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