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Anti-Wrinkle Aftercare

Your provider may give you specific aftercare instructions. Here is what you can expect to avoid following your
anti-wrinkle injections.

• No Strenuous Activities and Exercise

You need to allow the ingredients in your botox injections to settle into your body. Plan to avoid doing any
exercise or strenuous activity for 24 hours after Botox.

• Touching the Injection Site

If you are new to anti-wrinkle injections, you may be tempted to massage the injection site. Resist that desire
and leave the area alone. This can make the product spread to unwanted areas.
Your skin needs time to recover from the treatment. You will slow down your healing process if you aggravate
the injection site by rubbing or massaging the area. After 6 hours, you may gently wash the injection site with
soap and water, but not before then.

• Avoid Napping Face Down

Most people recover within 2-4 hours. You might feel like taking a nap after your treatment, but you should
avoid lying down for the first 4- 5 hours.

Give yourself something to do in that first 5 hour window and then you can certainly take a nap. If you can
sleep face up for the next few days following your Botox treatment, even better.

• No Drinking for 24 hours post treatment or after treatment. This is because alcohol thins our blood
which can cause bruising.

• Don't Take Blood Thinners, Consult with your family doctor or practitioner before resuming any blood
thinning medications

• Avoid Exposure to Heat. Avoid heat, tanning, sunbeds, saunas etc for 72 hours following treatment.

• No Facials for 10 days. Remember that your Botox results will begin to appear 3-7 days after your
treatment. Give your face time to recover before undergoing other treatments.

Bottom Line on Post Botox Care

Botox results can take up to a week to appear and 2 weeks for full effect. If you did not get the results you
wanted, you may need additional injections for the desired effects. This is why we book a 2 week review.
Remember that following all the pre and post-botox care instructions will give you the best results and reduce
your adverse symptoms.

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